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Bosch and Mercedes-Benz have launched an app-based, ride-hailing service using automated Mercedes-Benz S-Class vehicles in the Californian city of San José. 

The partners say the trial will provide insights into the further development of their Level 4/5 automated driving system. They also expect to gain further insights into how self-driving cars can be integrated into an intermodal mobility system that also includes public transportation and car-sharing.

Dr. Michael Fausten, head of engineering for urban automated driving at Robert Bosch GmbH says: “If automated driving is to become everyday reality, the technology has to work reliably and safely. And this is where we need tests such as our pilot project in San José.”

Dr. Uwe Keller, head of autonomous driving at Mercedes-Benz AG. adds: “It’s not just the automated vehicles that have to prove their mettle. We also need proof that they can fit in as a piece of the urban mobility puzzle. We can test both these things in San José.” 

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Bosch and Mercedes-Benz have been working together for over two and a half years on solutions for automated driving in cities. Their common goal is a Level 4/5 driving system for fully automated and driverless vehicles, including the software for vehicle management.

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