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Deutsche Bahn, the German railway network and the local government in the state of Hessen have announced the construction of a new tunnel and platform for the high speed Intercity Express trains in Frankfurt. It will be built under the above-ground central station.

The announcement was made at the Hypermotion event in Frankfurt. 

Frankfurt is expecting a growth of 30 percent of railway traffic over the next 10 years. 

The planning could start next year, says the Minister of Transport in the state of Hessen, Tarek Al-Wazir at Hypermotion.

Germany’s Secretary of State for Transport, Enak Ferlemann, has previously announced that the tunnel and new platform could be completed by 2036 at a cost of around €3.5bn.

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A report, released in September, estimated that 17,500 passengers would pass through the new junction, avoiding the emission of 90 tonnes of CO2 per day. The tunnel could also see an additional 1400 tonnes of freight moved on to rail,  avoiding the emission of an additional 50 tonnes of CO2 per day.

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