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Channeling its grandfather from 1959, Mini is looking to utilise its new electric offensive to cut down the size of future electric models, in the hope of bringing back the brand’s mini-but-mighty heritage. 

Although it has just launched its all-electric Mini Cooper S-E, it wants to create a focused EV that will use a much smaller platform. Due to its design, and the fact that it is using the same body as its internal combustion engine counterparts, the current platform cannot be shrunk.

It is well-known that, for every vehicle launched in recent times, Minis have become a little bit larger, including the 4.3 metre long Countryman which engulfs the 3 metre long classic Mini we all know and love.

According to reports, the EV will be built in China, in a joint venture factory with Great Wall Motor, named Spotlight Automotive.

With the emergence of electrification and micro mobility, small cars could see a resurgence. And, if anyone is going to lead the market in this segment, it has to be Mini. 

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