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China’s Xpeng Motors is to jointly develop in-car payment functions with AliPay, which is owned by the internet giant Alibaba. It will be first implemented in Xpeng’s upcoming sports sedan model, the P7.   

The signing is an extension of the partnership between Xpeng Motors and Alibaba, announced in September, to implement the Alibaba In-Car Mini APP platform in the P7. 

The new solution will enable in-car payments with Alipay for Xpeng’s battery-charging facilities and vehicle applications.

In a press release, Xpeng says: ‘The Alipay in-car payment function will significantly enrich Xpeng’s intelligent service capabilities, initially covering three scenarios: Battery charging scenarios, covering both Xpeng’s own facilities and partnership charging piles; Vehicle application scenarios, such as purchases of data plans, music plans and vehicle violation inquiries; and Alibaba In-car Mini APP applications, including mobility, lifestyle, entertainment and infotainment services’. 

The new applications are expected to be launched in Q2, 2020.


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