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Nikola Corporation has announced details of its new battery that could increase the range of current EV passenger cars from 300 miles up to 600 miles with little or no increase to battery size and weight.

The prototype cell is the world’s first battery that removes binder material and current collectors, enabling more energy storage within the cell. 

The U.S. green truck manufacturer’s cell technology is expected to cost 50% less to produce and weigh 40% less than current lithium-ion cells

Trevor Milton, CEO, Nikola Motor Company, says: “This is the biggest advancement we have seen in the battery world. We are not talking about small improvements; we are talking about doubling your cell phone battery capacity. We are talking about doubling the range of BEVs and hydrogen-electric vehicles around the world.”

Due to the impact this technology will have on society and emissions, Nikola says it will share the IP with all other OEM’s, even competitors, that contribute to the Nikola IP license and the new consortium.

Milton adds: “Nikola is in discussions with customers for truck orders that could fill production slots for more than ten years and propel Nikola to become the top truck manufacturer in the world in terms of revenue. Now the question is why not share it with the world?”

Nikola also announced that it’s entered into a letter of intent to acquire a world-class battery engineering team to help bring the new battery to pre-production.

The company says it will show the batteries charging and discharging in front of the crowd at Nikola World in 2020.

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