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ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab has started the pilot of a fast-charging station that uses kinetic flywheel technology and provides twice as much electricity as the national grid can supply.

The charging point, at the Prague Exhibition Centre, is the first of its kind in the Czech Republic and only the third in the world. The innovative technology was developed by the Israeli start-up Chakratec.

Chakratec’s system stores energy when there is surplus electricity, and also relieves the strain on the grid at peak times. 

The pilot has been developed in partnership with the Czech energy firm PRE.

Andre Wehner, Chief Digital Officer at ŠKODA AUTO, says: “The collaboration with Chakratec shows how innovative ideas can be turned into concrete projects by being scouted and specifically supported by our ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab in Tel Aviv. With our decision to set up the world’s third Kinetic Power Booster in Prague, we are demonstrating that we are consistently working on a comprehensive range of services for our customers in terms of E-Mobility and integrated mobility services.”

Vojtěch Fried, Electromobility Manager at PRE adds: “The technology developed by Chakratec, which provides the necessary electricity for battery-powered vehicles to be charged quickly, marks another step towards the future of individual mobility. As the operator of the largest charging network in Prague, we feel it is important for us to be involved as a strong partner in the roll-out of the Kinetic Power Booster right from the start.”

Ilan-Ben David, CEO of Chakratec, comments: “Our collaboration with ŠKODA AUTO and PRE marks an important milestone for us. We’ve taken up the challenge and are ready to advance E-Mobility together with our partners.”

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ŠKODA says, depending on the results of the trial, the partners are planning to set up further Chakratec fast-charging stations both in the Czech Republic as well as other countries.

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