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Daimler CEO Ola Kallenius has announced that there will be a zero-emission variant of the German automaker’s luxurious G Class SUV. 

This decision, in part, is to meet future emissions regulations, something that the heavy and inefficient G Class – like many large SUVs – is some way off. However, it is also to help maintain the model’s relevance, as more and more exciting and innovative electric SUVs enter the market. 

The high-performance AMG version produces CO2 emissions as high as 304 grams per kilometer. To put this into perspective, the average CO2 emissions from new passenger cars registered in the European Union in 2018 was around 120.4 grammes per kilometre.

“We will electrify the G class and significantly improve the CO2 balance of the powertrain when there is a model upgrading,” said Kallenius at a conference in Germany. 

Currently, the US is the largest market for the G class, but the SUV has struggled to assert itself on the global market. Despite this, Kallenius sees a long and promising future for the model through an electrified route. 

“In the past, there were discussions whether we should eliminate the model,” he said. “The way I see things now, I would say the last Mercedes to be built will be a G class.” 

Currently, there is no official information on the upcoming electric SUV, but we expect it to have some relation to the EQ guises Mercedes has used for its battery electric vehicles recently. We also do not know whether Magna Steyr will continue to build it in its facility in Austria.  

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