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Following its IMk concept, revealed earlier this month as a prelude to the 46th Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan has unveiled its new Ariya Concept.

The automaker’s latest electric vehicle promises to usher in a new era of mobility-driven design, changing the way its vehicles are powered, driven and connected to society.

The Ariya provides a glimpse of a near-future midsize crossover EV from Nissan, representing Nissan’s reimagined design philosophy, centered on seamless connectivity and minimal design, mixed with electrified power.

“It’s all about the proportion and the potential offered by 100% electric platforms. So we asked ourselves, how do we tailor the design over this new unique platform? How do we showcase the proportions?” said Nissan Executive Design Director, Satoru Tai.

“For the Ariya Concept, we started with an elevated stance and a sleek, linear body, expressing motion sitting on large wheels. Satin copper arches highlight the airy, flat floor cabin to create something drastically different from conventional gasoline-powered SUVs. The Ariya Concept’s EV platform allows for D-segment roominess in a C-segment vehicle.”

“The target customer is a young driver with a family. We really wanted this car to be an expression of that person,” he continued. “Ideally, I see this person as someone who can afford anything but chooses this vehicle, because it relays a strong EV message in a cool, sporty way.”


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