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If there’s one car you could call a bestseller, it’s the Volkswagen Golf. Developed continuously from one generation to the next, it has become an automotive icon. It is the car of choice. 

On October 24th, the VW Group will present its eighth generation model at a world premiere in Wolfsburg, featuring “more digitalisation and connectivity than ever before, packed with innovations and sporting a highly expressive design.”

Historically, the Golf has sold incredibly well and received rave reviews across the board, so don’t be too surprised if the next generation follows suit. However, although the Golf will receive a new range of efficient engines, including mild-hybrid variants, there will be no fully-electric model. 

Instead, VW will focus its electric efforts into the upcoming ID 3, which many believe will eventually phase out the iconic Golf towards the end of the decade – much like what, on a sportier level, it’s sister brand Porsche is doing with the 911 and Taycan. 

The Golf was supposed to be unveiled alongside the ID 3 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but the automaker decided to focus on its new electric offensive. Is this the changing of the guard? 

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