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U.S. startup Neuron EV has unveiled the Neuron EV MET, a medium-duty electric truck, and the Neuron EV STAR, a multipurpose micro truck. The two electric convertible trucks are built with interchangeable rears to optimize functional versatility.

The company describes the Neuron EV MET as a multi-functional vehicle with a wide range of applications suited for commercial use. It’s suitable for various functions such as urban logistics, construction and mining.

The company labels the micro truck Neuron EV STAR as ‘an urban eco truck that radiates with fun personality, while some playfully describe it as a spaceship on wheels’. It’s been designed with millennials in mind.

Casey Hyun, Neuron EV Branding Specialist, says: “People carry their mobile devices everywhere because it empowers their lifestyle. We’ve lost that kind of car culture, and the STAR is Neuron’s way of making cars more enjoyable.”

Neuron Ev Modular Electric 7

Kevin Lee, Neuron EV’s Director of Digital Design, adds: When your purpose is clear, design becomes effortless. Character is not something you fabricate. It’s innate from the foundation. Simple but complex.”

Neuron EV is a California electric vehicle company established in 2017.

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