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Hyundai Motor Group has opened its fifth innovation centre in Beijing, China. Hyundai CRADLE Beijing completes the creation of a global innovation network alongside Seoul, Berlin, Tel Aviv, and Silicon Valley.

The new centre will work to explore and utilize various innovation opportunities and business models in China to contribute the growth of HMG’s new business. 

Hyundai CRADLE invests in global startups and creates partnerships that boost the development of services, systems and research opportunities. 

Peter Yang, Head of Hyundai CRADLE Beijing, says: “As the world moves from an information technology era to one focused on data technology, CRADLE Beijing will setup an open innovation interactive platform in China, fully interact with local innovation networks. CRADLE Beijing will be a harbor for sharing innovation solutions that originated in China around the world.” 

John Suh, Head of Hyundai CRADLE Silicon Valley, adds: “Our global CRADLE network will foster the development of new technologies that enable improvements of how people move, lowering of environment impact, and the increase in productivity and happiness for all.”

Hyundai says that China is the world’s largest automotive market and has the one of the largest start-up culture globally.

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