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Tata Motors has revealed new state-of-the-art technology – named ‘ZIPTRON’- which will power its upcoming line up of electric vehicles towards the end of next year.

The ZIPTRON EV powertrain technology is Tata’s latest attempt to drive economies of scale and make new technologies affordable for its Indian consumers, through an efficient high voltage system, fast charging capability and an 8 year battery warranty.

Guenter Butschek, CEO & MD, Tata Motors said: “We are proud to present this state-of-art technology brand – ZIPTRON, which has been designed in-house while utilizing our global engineering network. At the heart of our future EV line-up, this technology will deliver a thrilling driving experience to our customers aspiring to go-green. Rigorously tested across 1 million kms, ZIPTRON technology is well proven, advanced and reliable. With this technology, we hope to usher in a new wave of eMobility in India and accelerate faster adoption of EVs, supporting the Government’s vision.”

The technology comprises of a highly efficient permanent magnet AC motor providing performance on demand. The dust and waterproof battery system also utilises smart regenerative braking to charge the battery while on the drive.

Through this technology, the Indian automaker is looking to break down the existing barriers to EV ownership and improve pollution, range anxiety, and driving performance.

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