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The California-based global shared intelligent mobility company, Faraday Futures (FF), has appointed Dr. Carsten Breitfeld as its new CEO. He replaces FF’s founder, YT Jia, who will assume the role of Chief Product & User Officer.

Breitfeld is an industry veteran who co-founded and served as Chairman and CEO of BYTON and previously served 20 years at BMW.

He will take on the executive leadership of FF as it begins production of the company’s ultra-luxury FF 91 electric vehicle and will manage the final development of the FF 81 mass market electric vehicle.

Breitfeld says: “One of the main reasons I joined FF was YT and his vision for how the mobility eco-system will transform the industry, and FF’s industry-leading products and technology, as well as their recently-implemented global partnership program.”

He adds: “YT and I have known each other for a number of years and have discussed me joining the company in the past. I appreciate his entrepreneurial spirit and admire his vision of successfully predicting the future mobility ecosystem. Being an entrepreneur myself, I feel that I am in a better position to understand his unremitting efforts and contributions in pursuing his dream.” 

YT Jia says: “I am extremely proud of our dedicated team and the many accomplishments we continue to achieve in our goal to transform and disrupt the automotive landscape. I envisioned a vehicle that will truly redefine transportation, mobility and connectivity, creating a true ‘new species’ of vehicle that integrates the ‘third internet living space’ with our ‘smart driving platform.’ With Dr. Breitfeld as CEO, the future of FF is brighter than ever, and I am confident that we, along with our senior management team, will enable FF to make a reality the original vision of a shared smart mobility ecosystem.”

Established in May 2014, FF is a global company, headquartered in Los Angeles. 

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