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Bosch is using its automotive know-how to help out parents of babies and toddlers. Its new e-stroller system promises a comprehensive range of comfort and safety features. In addition to offering push support and an automatic braking function, it includes connectivity via a smartphone app, an alarm function, and a variety of high-tech sensors. 

Bosch says the system’s drive unit comprises two low-noise electric motors on the rear axle along with a Bluetooth module and a smart sensor system. The sensors measure the stroller’s speed and acceleration while assessing the road surface it is moving over.

With a charging time of some two and a half hours, the fully charged battery offers a range of up to 15 kilometers.

“The e-stroller system incorporates know-how from across the company. We’ve applied the same rigorous technology and quality standards here as we do in the automotive sector, including wind tunnel tests,” says Dr. Stefan Hartung, member of the board of management and chairman of the Mobility Solutions business sector.

He adds: “Bosch wants its mobility solutions to offer help even before a child can walk, bringing intelligent mobility to all areas of life.”

Bosch Estroller 03

The e-stroller will have its market launch in early 2020 with the Swedish stroller manufacturer Emmaljunga.

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