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Germany’s Continental has developed a camera system that combines an inward-looking infra-red camera and an outward-looking camera to help enhance the safety of automated driving.

This system monitors both the driver in the driver’s seat, continuously detecting whether he or she is able to take responsibility for driving, as well as the traffic situation in front of the vehicle.

The ‘Road AND Driver’ camera is located behind the windshield of the vehicle, above the rear-view mirror.

Georg Binder, Head of Strategy & Planning, Advanced Driver Assistance System business unit at Continental, explains: “Thanks to the new camera system, vehicle and driver are constantly aware of one another. Ultimately, this comes down to trust. The human can rest assured that the technology will not abruptly hand back responsibility without warning, but that this will take place according to clear and comprehensible criteria.”

Andreas Forster, Next Generation Technology manager in Continental’s Passive Safety & Sensorics business unit, adds: “The focus is solely on interpreting the prevailing situation in the vehicle in order to increase the safety of the occupants and other road users.” 

Continental says the start of series production for its ‘Road AND Driver’ camera is planned for 2021.

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