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Toyota has launched its updated ‘Sora’ Fuel Cell Electrified Vehicle bus (FCEV bus) and announced improvements to its preventive safety performance.

The updated model includes a function that cautions the driver when making right turns at intersections, and a system that enables passengers to activate an emergency stop in urgent situations, such as if the driver suddenly falls ill.

Additionally, the Sora’s transportation capacity, speed, and punctuality have been expanded.

In a press release, Toyota states: ‘The updated Sora is equipped with a new system that shares information on the distance between the vehicles, to prevent two or more buses travelling in a convoy from being separated at traffic lights and bus stops, leading to overall improvements in transportation capacity, speed, and punctuality of the buses’.

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Toyota expects to introduce over 100 fuel cell buses, mainly within the Tokyo metropolitan area, ahead of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. 

Sora is an acronym for Sky, Ocean, River, Air, representing the earth’s water cycle.

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