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An electric motorbike…with pedals. Yes, you read that correctly. The eROCKIT is described as a ‘human hybrid’ as it’s powered by a combination of human and electric drives.  

Andy Zurwehme is the CEO of eROCKIT which is a start-up based in Germany. He calls himself a passionate entrepreneur who has been very active in the e-mobility industry for ten years. 

He told Auto Futures what makes the eROCKIT so unique.

“The eROCKIT puts the rider back into the centre of mobility, of moving, if you wish. Our smart pedal concept gives the rider the opportunity to act with a human hybrid bike…only by kicking the pedals the bike moves..but if you kick…it moves magic as we say. You become superman. You feel well because of movement. You ride emission free with 100% emotion,” says Zurwehme.

The bike can reach a speed of close to 90 km/h and its battery range is over 120 kilometers. Zurwehme says it makes for an excellent commuter vehicle.

He tells us who it’s aimed at.

“It is the urban traveller – the early adopter of new tech – the person who travel between 5 and 45 km to the place of work every day – the explorer of fun riding. People who understand that with the eROCKIT they do not sacrifice something because of riding electric – people who understand the huge enrichment they have with our bike – people who want to combine useful travel with riding fun at its best.”

kesici zurwehme erockit

The eROCKIT is developed and produced in Hennigsdorf in Brandenburg, near Berlin. About thirty prototypes have already been tested for more than 65,000 miles in total.

The bikes have a world manufacturers’ identification number from the KBA (the German Federal Motor Transport Authority). And they have been approved by the DEKRA (a European vehicle inspection company).

Human Hybrid

Zurwehme says the bike’s clutch-free and intuitive pedal power system makes the eROCKIT safe to ride. 

“In just a number of weeks we start delivering our Limited Edition 100 Bike in Germany and neighbour countries and in 2020 we will deliver all over Europe. Whereas in the States it might be 2021. We are in the process of collecting a Series A finance round. Maybe, depending on the financial power, we will be in overseas markets even earlier.”

kesici zurwehme erockit

Zurwehme is very optimistic about the potential for his human hybrid bike.

“First of all you will see Millions of eROCKITs out in the streets, you can bet on that. Seriously, you will see a number of new mobility concepts of all kind, but no more combustion engine vehicles, that is over! But again, eROCKIT will be one of a few more  future oriented mobility concepts.”

He concludes: “To complete my vision, the eROCKIT technology will become available within other vehicles as well. I never think national and I never think one directional…there is fun stuff to come.” 


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