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Bird has unveiled Bird Two, a next generation e-scooter, that will be part of its global fleet of shared e-vehicles. 

It features over 50% more battery power than Bird One, self-reporting damage sensors  and puncture-proof air-filled tires.

The groups says the autonomous damage sensors will help Bird mechanics easily address aspects of the vehicle that need repair and attention and rapidly remove the e-scooters from the road until they are repaired.

Travis VanderZanden, founder and CEO of Bird, says: “Bird Two is the embodiment of Bird’s commitment to the safety of our riders and those around them, our partnership with cities, and our focus on building a sustainable long-term business that reduces the number of cars on the road.”

He adds: “With the industry’s longest lasting battery and self-reporting damage sensors, anti-tipping kickstand, anti-theft encryption, puncture-proof tires, absence of exposed screws, Bird Two is the next generation e-scooter specifically built to exceed the needs and demands of riders and cities alike while delivering a significant positive bottom line impact.” 

Bird Two will be rolling out in August.

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