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Ford has snapped up Quantum Signal. The Michigan-based company has helped the U.S military develop software that allowed it to remotely control robotic vehicles from thousands of miles away. It was founded in 1999.

Ford says it’s acquired Quantum Signal to make use of its extensive experience in real-time simulation and algorithm development, as well as robotics, sensing and perception technology.

In a blog, Randy Visintainer, Chief Technical Officer, Ford Autonomous Vehicles, LLC, writes: ‘Beyond simulation, Quantum Signal has done extensive work for the military in developing algorithms that help guide autonomous vehicles. Outside the software world, the company is well-versed in robotics as well as sensing and perception systems. All of this work can be repurposed to support Ford’s self-driving vehicles to help improve their ability to analyze the environment around them’.

He adds: ‘Quantum Signal will play a crucial role in advancing Ford’s self-driving vehicle development while also representing the company’s commitment to nurturing the talent needed to successfully deploy this technology’.

Ford Acquires Quantum Signal

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