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GreenMobility will launch its renowned all-electric city car concept in the UK. Together with Franklin Cars, the company will be introducing the service to the three major ‘Powerhouses of the North’, Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester.

The launch is particularly exciting because GreenMobility will be the first full-fledged, free-float car-sharing service outside of London.

More importantly, all three of these cities have committed to becoming carbon-neutral, defined Clean Air Zones and declared a climate emergency. GreenMobility’s zero-emission vehicles will help these cities reduce their CO2 footprint and reach their climate targets.

Accordingly, the cities are very accommodating and will pave the way for sustainable mobility. This will lead to a smoother launch and will enable UK customers to be driving green even faster.

“We see great potential for electric car-sharing in these cities, as they have many similarities to Copenhagen in terms of population and demographics”, says Anders Wall, Chief International Officer at GreenMobility.

“The interest and demand for the service is growing rapidly as in most large cities across Europe, that prioritize the green agenda for mobility and focus on reducing congestion and traffic challenges”.

He adds, “Together with our partner we plan to start in Liverpool and following that, launch in Manchester.”

Robert Byrne, CEO of Franklin Cars, looks forward to “building on top of our experience from operating car charging points and from financing electric private hire vehicles to now also run GreenMobility’s free-floating car clubs in the heart of the UK. We see a lot of exciting development in the electric mobility space and are also proud to help our cities reach their ambitious climate goals.”

According to Wall, “The partnership with Franklin will enable a strong foundation for
introducing GreenMobility to the United Kingdom. Especially with a partner, who has proven
themselves as front-runners in electric mobility.”

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