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U.S mobility company Bolt has launched its carbon-free e-scooters in Washington D.C.

The company, co-founded by Usain Bolt, has e-scooters currently available in 15 cities worldwide and plans to expand into more than 40 markets through 2019. As part of the commitment to serving as a community partner in each market, Bolt will employ locally within the D.C. area.

Dr. Sarah Haynes, Bolt’s Co-Founder, Co-CEO and Chairwoman, says: “As a team, we have deep ties to the Washington D.C. community as five of our executives are from the D.C. metropolitan area and I am a former member of the research faculty at Georgetown University.

She adds: “Through our experiences in D.C., we are intimately familiar with the challenges the community faces when affordable and reliable transportation is not available. I, alongside co-CEO Kamyar Kaviani and co-founder, investor, and brand ambassador, Usain Bolt, am proud to partner with the people of D.C. to improve accessibility and reduce congestion through our micromobility solutions.”

Usain Bolt's Mobility Group

Earlier this year Bolt unveiled the Bolt Nano – a two-passenger vehicle. The Nano joins fleet of e-scooters including the Bolt Original, the Bolt One and the Bolt Chariot.

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