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Audi is testing VR technology for the first time for the assembly processes for the Audi e-tron GT at its Neckarsulm site in Germany.

Audi says this is the first time that workflows along the assembly line are being tested entirely virtually in the ‘3P workshops’. 3P stands for the Production Preparation Process, and is used for process validation. 

Markus Moinot, Audi’s Head of Production Planning Processes in Neckarsulm explains: “The e-tron GT is the first vehicle in the VW Group to dispense with an actual prototype in the 3P workshops.”

Bernd Widdmann, Audi’s Head of Assembly Planning Methods, adds: “Digitization of the workshops was a logical, consistent step toward further developing the existing 3P method. With the virtual workshops we also facilitate good, highly effective collaboration of participants from various sites. At present, we are testing this between Ingolstadt and San José Chiapa in Mexico.”

Audi is collaborating with a start-up from Munich to create a virtual copy of the production facility. Audi says its employees can therefore use the 360-degree scans to digitally update their layout and planning systems, saving time and money in the process. 

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