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Ever felt like you’re a taxi service for the kids? Many parents do – especially during the summer holidays. Now ŠKODA UK has come up with a solution.

It’s developed a new smartphone app which lets parents charge their kids via the currency of chores. ŠKODA says its PARENT TAXI acts like a real taximeter allowing parents to exchange miles for chores; such as cleaning the car, feeding the family pet, tidying their bedroom, and doing the washing up.

Having completed a number of journeys using the app, blogger Jo Middleton says: “This is the app I’ve been waiting for! It’s true that kids generally have a better social life than adults and as result that can mean a lot of car journeys each week.”

She adds: “Although I love encouraging them to get out and do more, I think it’s a great idea to swap miles for some help around the house in return.”

ŠKODA Launches ‘Parent Taxi’ App

Alongside the app launch, ŠKODA released new research which found Britain’s parents drive approximately 1,648 additional miles a year ferrying their children around. That’s the equivalent of an incredible $15,500 worth of taxi fares if parents were to charge their kids the average London taxi cost-per-mile rate.

ŠKODA  says it’s no wonder two thirds of parents (66 per cent) said they sometimes feel like a taxi service for their kids.

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