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Germany’s Bosch is developing new cloud services that helps EV batteries maintain performance for longer periods. The company’s new service – called Battery in the Cloud – uses smart algorithms to recognise battery stress factors and optimise the recharging process.

Bosch says another feature of the smart software functions is their use of the swarm principle: the algorithms used for analysis evaluate data gathered from an entire fleet, not just from individual vehicles.

This swarm intelligence is used to help identify more of the stress factors for vehicle batteries, and to identifying them more quickly.

Dr. Markus Heyn, member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH says: “Bosch is connecting electric-vehicle batteries with the cloud. Its data-based services mean we can substantially improve batteries’ performance and extend their service life.” 

He adds: “Powerful batteries with long services lives will make electromobility more viable.”  

Bosch Seeks to Extend the Life of EV Batteries

Bosch says its first customer for the solution is DiDi, China’s leading provider of mobility services.

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