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Brose has revealed an all-new electric bike drive and battery system with an ultra-quiet mid-drive motor. 

Following its well-respected drivetrain solution for e-bikes, the company is now fitting its new model line with a complete powertrain package, which includes the motor, controller and battery. 

“The Brose Drive System provides the optimum combination of drive, control unit and battery,” said Thomas Leicht, Brose Senior Vice President. “By coordinating these components, the overall Brose riding experience is optimised. At the same time, the customer can now also benefit from a range of services from a single source.”

Although Brose is now offering customers an entire system, it will still allow them to purchase specific components, whether that’s the powertrain, display or batteries. This will not only be welcomed by manufacturers looking to continue working with German supplier, but existing owners that want to upgrade their own bikes. 

The new Brose Battery now boasts 630 Wh of power, which allows the e-bike to reach speeds of up to 28 mph, and is packaged in a light-weight frame to improve range. 

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