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This summer, Bird will host its ‘100 city s.h.a.r.e. Safe Streets tour’ in San Jose, California, Nashville and Tennessee on June 27th. Following multiple injuries around the world involving micro-mobility ‘solutions’ such as e-scooters, the project will provide the public with the opportunity to learn about road safety including how to responsibly and properly ride and park these shared services.

In partnership with local organisations, businesses, and health and safety experts, Bird will showcase the fundamentals of safe road use for non-car users. This includes micro-mobility vehicle basics, free helmets and helmet fittings, tutorials of local rules of the road and parking best practices, which will also stress sober riding, as drinking and riding e-scooters is illegal.

Bird will also provide tips to car drivers on how to be more aware of all road users including pedestrians, cyclists, and e-scooter riders. Individuals who might not want to hop on an e-scooter can experience micro-mobility via a custom virtual reality experience.

“Responsible riding benefits and improves the safety and quality of our communities,” said Paul Steely White, director of Safety Policy and Advocacy at Bird. “While e-scooters have been embraced by millions globally, it is essential that all road users are aware of the rules of the road and of the various types of transportation individuals are embracing today. We look forward to kicking off our Bird s.h.a.r.e. Safe Streets tour to connect more deeply with cities and to help individuals safely and responsibly replace their car trips with micro-mobility options.”

Earlier this week, Auto Futures’ Lynn Walford went for a ride on an e-scooter and revealed the potential dangers behind micro-mobility, after cities, law enforcement, public health and physician organisations called for education and safety.


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