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Volkswagen has opened a new IT Development Center in Dresden, Germany. Up to 80 newly hired IT specialists will be working on the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud which is set to link all 122 Group-wide VW production facilities.

VW says one of the first uses of the center – based in its Gläserne Manufaktur – is a project involving artificial intelligence to simulate human eyesight and make visual quality checks in assembly. 

Martin Hofmann, Head of IT for the Volkswagen Group, says: “With the new IT Development Center in the Gläserne Manufaktur, our expert knowledge will continue to grow; skills in important areas of technology secure our future.”

Dirk Hilbert, Mayor, City of Dresden, adds: “I am delighted that up to 80 IT jobs are to be created in Dresden anew. This is also a sign of how the ICT sector as a whole is booming in Dresden, indeed in Saxony as well, and is making a major contribution to the economic success of Silicon Saxony with annual sales of around 15 billion euros. And the new development in the Transparent Factory once again shows that Industry 4.0 in Dresden is no longer a dream of the future.” 

The Industrial Cloud is being established together with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Siemens will also contribute know-how in automation, connectivity of machines and systems, and the industrial IoT world.

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