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The iconic Hummer – infamous for being a gas-guzzling, polluting, enormous SUV – may be making a return, according to General Motors CEO Mary Barra.

The brand died in 2010 after GM failed to sell the company, following a drop in demand for large SUVs as a result of higher oil prices. But, after the US automaker committed to going all-electric in 2018, and demand for SUVs started to increase again, Barra could not rule out the electric revival of the Hummer.

At GM’s company’s earnings call in May, she said that the carmaker’s strategy included electric pickups: “We intend to create an all-electric future that includes a complete range of EVs, including full-size pickups.”

So far, the company has already announced that it will electrify its Cadillac brand and have it lead GM’s EV push, which will include an all-electric crossover and – you guessed it – an SUV.

GM makes most of its money off pickups and SUVs in the US, so it makes a lot of sense to include these models within its electrification strategy. For me, it would be an extremely bold move to electrify a brand so notorious for its high-polluting and low-consumption qualities.

If true, the e-Hummer – as I will call it for now – will have to lock horns with the likes of Rivian and Tesla. But can it compete with the new boys on the block? We are talking about a vehicle that has already seen its rise and fall, all within a decade.

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