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The Renault Zoe is back and better than ever. The new 2020 model has increased power and a sleek design, improving on the already impressive existing model.

The new ZOE also offers a wide range of high-tech equipment serving both the driving comfort and the onboard experience, making EV ownership more pleasurable.

2019 Nouvelle Renault Zoe

Most importantly, the new ZOE has a Z.E. 50 battery, which increases its range up to 390 kilometres – around 242 miles. This figure alone blows the soon-to-be rival Honda E out of the water with twice the range. In fact, the range is enough to match that of the Jaguar I-PACE.

For a model that was first released in 2012 with 93 miles range, and doubled in 2016, this is a serious achievement for the French automaker. In addition, the new EV also offers fast direct current charging and alternating current charging options.

A more powerful 100 kW motor transforms the new Zoe into a genuine motorway cruiser, while a new mode adapted to urban driving makes city life in the EV much easier with new driving aids. 

Renault Zoe (b10)

“As a pioneer and European industry leader, Renault has acquired in-depth knowledge of technology and clients’ needs in terms of electric mobility. The innovations implemented to further improve its autonomy, charging ease and power, as well as the introduction of multiple equipment and EASY CONNECT connected services, testify to this on New ZOE” explains Elisabeth Delval, Assistant Director, Renault ZOE Programme.

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