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NXT is Scania’s new multi-purpose, self-driving urban concept vehicle. It has the ability to shift from ferrying commuters to and from work, delivering goods during the day and collecting refuse at night.

The front and rear drive modules can be fitted to a bus body, a distribution truck body or a refuse collector.

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Scania’s President and CEO, Henrik Henriksson, says: “NXT is a vision of the future for transport in cities. Several of these technologies have yet to fully mature but for us it’s been important to actually build a concept vehicle to visibly and technically demonstrate ideas of what is within reach.”

He adds: “NXT is designed for 2030 and beyond while incorporating several cutting-edge features that are already available.”

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Robert Sjödin, NXT Project Manager, says: “We are now taking a giant leap into the future. This vehicle will provide invaluable tangible data in our continued development of electrified autonomous vehicles.”

The bus module of this battery electric vehicle is on display at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Stockholm, Sweden.

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