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Volvo Cars and the Finnish start-up Varjo have unveiled a world-first mixed-reality approach to testing and evaluating prototypes, designs and active safety technologies.

The mixed-reality headset allows Volvo Cars’ designers and engineers to ‘drive’ future cars and evaluate all features in a simulation environment many years before they exist. 

Henrik Green, Chief Technology Officer at Volvo Cars, says: “With this mixed-reality approach, we can start evaluating designs and technologies while they are literally still on the drawing board.”

He adds: “Instead of the usual static way of evaluating new products and ideas, we can test concepts on the road immediately. This approach offers considerable potential cost savings by identifying priorities and clearing bottlenecks much earlier in the design and development process.”

Niko Eiden, Founder and CEO of Varjo says: “The incredibly advanced ways in which Volvo Cars uses the XR-1 show that Varjo’s technology enables things that have been previously impossible. Together with Volvo we have started a new era in professional mixed reality.”

Volvo Cars has invested in Varjo via its venture capital fund, which invests in high-potential technology start-ups.

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