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The new Lexus RX features a new lighting technology system called the BladeScan Type AHS. Lexus says the system illuminates spots that may be difficult for drivers to see with conventional high-beam systems, such as the shoulder of the road.

It also allows the driver to recognize pedestrians and road signs much earlier, without impeding the visibility of drivers in the vehicle, or drivers travelling in the opposite direction.

Lexus says LED-sourced light shines onto two blade mirrors spinning at high speed, and the light is transferred to a lens to illuminate the road ahead. 

The luxury hybrid SUV also comes equipped with the latest version of Lexus Safety System +, featuring advanced safety and accident prevention technologies. Its Pre-Collision System uses an in-vehicle camera and front-grille-mounted millimetre-wave radar to help spot bicyclists during daytime and pedestrians during low-light conditions.

The European premiere of the new Lexus RX will take place on June 30.



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