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Ford say it’s exploring advanced delivery services using self-driving vehicles with its partner Agility Robotics. And the end result is Digit.

It’s a two-legged robot designed to look and walk like a human. Built out of lightweight material and capable of lifting packages that weigh up to 40 pounds, Digit can go up and down stairs and walk naturally through uneven terrain.

According to Dr. Ken Washington, Vice President, Ford Research and Advanced Engineering, and Chief Technology Officer: “When a self-driving vehicle brings Digit to its final destination, the vehicle can wirelessly deliver all the information it needs, including the best pathway to the front door. Through this data exchange, Digit can work collaboratively with a vehicle to situate itself and begin making its delivery.”

He adds: “Through our collaboration with Agility, we are striving to determine the best way for our self-driving vehicles to cooperate with Digit and understand how this new delivery method can be taken advantage of in the future.”

Ford and Agility Robotics explore how a new robot, Digit, can help get packages to your door efficiently with the help of self-driving vehicles.

Ford says Digit will be outfitted with a LiDAR and a few stereo cameras that will allow it to navigate through basic scenarios.

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