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Audi is introducing its smart ‘Traffic Light Information’ system in Europe this year. It will launch in the city of Ingolstadt in Germany in July 2019. Further European cities will follow from 2020 onwards.

The vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) system enables Audi drivers to see in the cockpit what speed is required to reach the next traffic light on green. Audi says this helps drivers catch a ‘green wave’ and make driving in cities more relaxed and efficient.

“With the Traffic Light Information function, drivers are more in control. They drive more efficiently and are more relaxed because they know 250 meters ahead of a traffic light whether they will catch it on green,” says Andre Hainzlmaier, head of Development of Apps, Connected Services and Smart City at Audi.

“In the future, anonymized data from our cars can help to switch traffic lights in cities to better phases and to optimize the traffic flow,” he adds.

Audi says V2I technologies like ‘Traffic Light Information’ will help facilitate automated driving in the future

“A city is one of the most complex environments for an autonomous car. Nevertheless, the vehicle has to be able to handle the situation, even in rain and snow. Data exchange with the traffic infrastructure can be highly relevant here,” says Hainzlmaier.

In the US, Audi customers have been using the ‘Time-to-Green’ function for two years: if the driver will reach the lights on red, a countdown in the Audi virtual cockpit or head-up display counts the seconds to the next green phase.

Our US reporter Lynn Walford has tried out the system. To read more, follow the link.

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