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Neuron EV has presented the HUB, which it says is “the future of smart transportation.”

HUB stands for Harmony, Utility, Balance. The vehicle is a convergence of technology for ease of mobility, as the company attempts to make a positive impact on society.

Urban infrastructure needs a smart transportation system and Neuron believes that the HUB is the beginning of a holistic solution. The product integrates renewable energy, telecommunications, and cloud computing for ease of mobility.

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Variants of HUB vehicles provide commercial, public, and personal transportation. HUB activates service through three methods; on-demand, reservations, and traffic detection. A user can also locate a HUB by GPS through a smart device or visit a nearby HUB station.

Rideshare HUBs operate autonomously at low speeds within a 5-mile radius of a community. HUB expands intuitive ridesharing by the integration of blockchain technology. Input or scan of a blockchain ID allows HUB service without reservations and incentivises frequent use. Traffic detection software directs HUB to areas with high demand and reserves time for efficient maintenance.

HUB can be reserved as a personal vehicle. The user can select from basic, comfort, and premium levels of accommodations. A basic HUB comfortably fits a maximum of 6 passengers with abundant cargo space.


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