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Canoo is the new name for EVELOZCITY, a Los Angeles-based company creating EVs made for subscription. It will offer four unique vehicles in cities by subscription only. Canoo says it will launch its first model in the U.S. beginning in 2021. The next country for roll-out will be China.

Stefan Krause, Canoo CEO’s explains the new name: “We picked Canoo because it sounds distinctive, looks cool and creates a feeling of both relaxation and movement.”

Krause adds: “For thousands of years, a canoe has been a simple, sustainable transportation device used all over the world.”

Canoo says its products and services will run on secure blockchain technology. The company believes blockchain will be a great enabler for a whole new wave of services and business models for the automotive industry, including vehicle sharing.

The start-up is only 15-months-old but has more than 350 team members.

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