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Following, the UK Government’s new mobility strategy, IAM RoadSmart has warned that the rise in the use of electric scooters alongside vehicles is bad news for road safety.

The Department for Transport revealed its report ‘Future of mobility: urban strategy’, which outlined the Government’s approach to maximising the benefits of future transport in cities – the biggest regulatory review we have seen in a very long time.

The strategy is part of a £90 million investment into towns and cities to test transport innovation, and the review will explore regulations around new types of vehicles including e-scooters and e-cargo bike trailers.

However, IAM RoadSmart believes that e-scooters and their increasing popularity will lead to many people riding them on public roads alongside bigger and faster vehicles – and will put individuals, including the scooter users themselves, in great danger.

The charity says that it is all for a long-term approach to transport planning by the government, but new modes of transport need dedicated routes to be truly safe.

It added that there is a great need for users of e-scooters to embark on some level of basic rider training and awareness before they start.

Neil Greig, IAM RoadSmart director of policy and research, said: “Electric scooters are simply not safe enough to be on our roads alongside full size vehicles.

“Mixing with pedestrians is also potentially very unsafe in shared areas. As with cycling, the answer probably lies in dedicated safe infrastructure for vulnerable road users. Allied to that there is an urgent need for more for rider training and clarification of their legal status.”

Greig added: “While we welcome this potentially useful announcement, transport changes and trends are happening far faster than the network is developing to accommodate them.

“This ought to have happened a long time ago, and so should be implemented as a matter of urgency.”

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