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This year’s Geneva Motor Show was one big celebration of the car – in all its shapes and many guises. The biggest focus was on electrification and how the major brands are adapting. But Shift AUTOMOTIVE was something different for the Palexpo. It was a forum within a show (it’s actually a bi-annual event – the next one is in Berlin) and it was focused squarely on how new technologies are changing the ways in which we think, and the ways we live and drive.

The speakers addressed how technologies such as cybersecurity, traffic control, artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) are driving the automobile industry’s digital transformation.

Maurice Turrettini, the Chairman of the Geneva International Motor Show, told Auto Futures what was the driving force behind Shift AUTOMOTIVE. “I think it’s very important that at the Geneva Motor Show we debate about the future, we debate about new technology. And the idea is to put together the technological people with the CEOs of the automotive industry.”

Watch the highlights of Shift AUTOMOTIVE below.

Roger Lanctot – Director Strategy Analytics ‘Automotive Connected Mobility’ was the moderator for the event. He says we’re on the threshold of a great change. “Shift is drawing attention to the conversation that is going on…under the hood and behind the scenes, which is the digital transformation of the industy. The connecting of cars, the aggregation of data, the converting of data to new kinds of services and value propositions.”

Some of the speakers, such as Bill Wyman, VP Global Marketing, Car Audio at Harman International, said that it’s all about creating a better experience for drivers and passengers. “A lot of the more traditional ways that we think about automobiles are going by the wayside. And people really want to have better experiences inside their car. And all of the technology that we’re seeing is really allowing this to happen.”


According to Avijit Sinha, Sr. Director, IoT and Intelligent Edge, Microsoft, shows themselves are now facing up to the challenges of change. “Automotive shows are not just about showcasing beautiful cars and great designs and power in the car. It’s about how technology is going to show up in cars for next generation experiences – within the car and outside the car.”

He adds: “There are technology shows where the car companies are showing up as well, so these two worlds are getting intermeshed more and more.”

For more details of Shift AUTOMOTIVE and to download copyright-free images from the event, please follow the link.

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