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Opel’s sixth-generation Corsa will launch with IntelliLux LED matrix lighting, a multiple award-winning adaptive, glare-free full-LED headlight system.

First introduced on the 2016 Opel Astra, the new Corsa will be the first B market vehicle to boast IntelliLux technology, demonstrating the German automaker’s revolutionary thinking.

“We are celebrating 120 years of automobile production this year and therefore 120 years full of innovations for everyone,” said Opel CEO, Michael Lohscheller. “We have always made top technologies accessible to all. That is our mission and our motivation and it applies especially to a model that is as popular as the Opel Corsa. We will, therefore, equip the next generation of our bestseller with the best lighting technology – IntelliLux LED matrix headlights.”

The matrix headlights are able to automatically and continuously adapt to different traffic situations and surroundings. For example, approaching traffic and preceding vehicles are ‘cut out’ of the illuminated areas, improving safety for both drivers. With the glare significantly minimised, drivers can enjoy optimum visibility throughout the night.

In Europe, 20% of Astra drivers and 60% of Insignia customers ordered the IntelliLux LED matrix lighting technology. Approximately 90,000 new Opel cars equipped with matrix technology enter the market each year.

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