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Byton will make its global debut at CES in Las Vegas on January 7 with a unique modern vehicle built for the the era of smart, shared and autonomous transportation. What is most impressive about the vehicle is its new idea about what a car’s interior should be, most notably the steering wheel. Propelled by a group of former BMW executives, Byton has produced a vehicle that focuses on the user experience, with smart intuitive features that replace conventional design.

The vehicle is equipped with multiple display screens, with the traditional centre console replaced by what Byton calls a “Share Experience Display,” which enables content shown to be shared withy other passengers in the car. In addition, Byton’s Life Cloud Platform allows passengers to seamlessly connect to their apps, data and devices on these screens, allowing them to take advantage of their travel time.

The vehicle also includes many human-vehicle interaction features, including voice recognition, touch control, biometric identification and Air Touch sensors which enable front and rear passengers to control the Share Experience Display with hand gestures.

Following its debut at CES, the vehicle will be available in China in 2019, before coming to the US and Europe in 2020.

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