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As the automotive industry moves into the new year, many players involved within the rapidly-developing electrification market are trying to make EV charging more efficient and less time-consuming. To kick-off 2019, Volkswagen has offered a glimpse into the company’s mobile charging station, which can be set-up flexibly and independently wherever it is needed; whether that is a parking lot in the city or at a large event.

In short, these mobile charging stations operate much like power banks used to charge people’s smart phones. Having this level of portability allows VW to flexibly roll-out charging stations in dense areas with much less problems than permanent installations. The portable stations have a charging capacity of up to 360 kWh and can charge up to 15 EVs in stand-alone operation. With the emergence of fast-charging technology, it will only take around 17 minutes to reach 100% – almost half the time of what many EV owners have been used to. Expect this figure to drop after the first major expansion in 2020.

In addition, if the integrated battery of the charging station falls below 20%, the unit will simply be swapped with a fully-charged one. If it is permanently attached to a power supply with up to 30 kW, the battery will perpetually recharge itself. For renewable power supply, the stations allow the temporary storage of power generated by sustainable processes such as solar or wind energy, reducing carbon footprint.

In a press releases, Thomas Schmall, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Group Components, says: “The mobile charging stations are a decisive step toward an efficient network of charging points. They can be set up anywhere as required – with or without connection to the power supply. This flexibility enables a completely new approach for the rapid expansion of the charging infrastructure.”

“Cities can, for example, find out the most suitable places for a permanent charging point before making major investments in developing the network. In addition, it will be possible to set up a large number of charging stations temporarily – exactly when and where they are needed,” adds Schmall.

The first mobile quick charging stations will be set up as early as the first half of 2019 in Volkswagen’s hometown of Wolfsburg in Germany as part of a pilot project.


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