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At CES in Las Vegas in January, Honda will provide a first look at real-world testing of its all-terrain Autonomous Work Vehicle. The vehicle can be used in firefighting, construction, agriculture and search and rescue. It features GPS and sensor-based autonomy capable of guiding the unit in almost any environment.

In a press release, Honda says it’s seeking to collaborate with partners to develop accessories and attachments that will expand the machine’s potential uses.

“Honda is seeking new partners who want to join us in the development and user testing of our technology concepts, and CES provides a vast B2B marketplace to explore collaboration opportunities,” says Nick Sugimoto, Honda Innovations CEO.

“Through open innovation Honda can create new value for mobility, accommodate people’s different lifestyles, and advance our vision toward a more enjoyable and collision-free society,” he adds.

CES takes place in early January at the Las Vegas Convention Center.


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