The makers of the Arc Vector are making lofty claims. The British company Arc say it’s the most advanced electric motorcycle on the planet. And it’s been unveiled at the EICMA motorcycle event in Milan, Italy.

Human Machine Interface (HMI) technology has been applied to Arc’s bespoke biker jacket cackled Origin. It’s packed with sensors so, for example, the biker’s shoulder may vibrate to alert them to a potential hazard.

The company also offers an advanced helmet inspired by those of fighter pilots. It features a connected Heads-Up Display (HUD) which gives the rider critical information.  The sat-nav, speedo and ancillary graphics are projected onto their visor so the wearer can keep their eyes affixed to the road.

It’s aiming at manufacturing 399 motorcycles in year. The Arc Vector is priced at £90,000 inclusive of helmet and jacket.

“We took a wide-angle view of what mobility in the future could be, and using some big ideas and immense agility we have brought it into the present,” says Arc CEO Mark Truman on the company website. “We are building the Vector for people who are on a journey, and we want people to continue taking those journeys in a future world where the use of internal combustion engines will be restricted.”

Amongst others, Arc has the final backing of Jaguar Land Rover’s venture capital fund, InMotion Ventures.