Police in Dubai may soon be tracking down criminals on futuristic Scorpion hoverbikes. They are working in partnership with the Russian/American startup Hoversurf. Over the past few years the Dubai Police Force has been integrating some of the newest technology from all over the world.

Hoversurf’s COO, Joseph Segura-Conn, told Auto Futures: “Together we bring out knowledge and resources to help each other move into this new space quickly and safely. Moving forward Dubai Police will have an even closer partnership as we create new and exciting vehicles.”

The hoverbike doesn’t need a pilot license or an aircraft certification and it’s been officially approved by the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States. It has a maximum flight time of 40 minutes when in drone mode, this means no rider and flown via remote control. The average flight time with a rider is around 15 minutes, the time of flight depends on variables such as weight or rider, speed that you fly and weather conditions.

Preorders are now being taken for its S3 2019 model. It can be yours for $150,000.

Segura-Conn tells us: “Our newest design combines technology and experience from all around the world. We have moved away from a simple heavy aluminum frame to a full carbon fiber monocoque body. This new body brings the strength up while reducing he weigh significantly. We have also improved the flight software and characteristics to make it as easy as possibly for people to learn how to fly.”

He adds: “Along with the software update came a huge array of safety features, including: auto land, auto take off, auto hover, auto emergency land, several kill switches and much more.”

The company claims that its hoverbike is the safest and most advanced model ever created. “We ensure that each person who purchases a bike has an in depth knowledge of all parameters and setting as well as a full training program prior to flying alone. We do this so that each rider know the proper way to use the vehicle and where to use it. Like all new vehicles and technology, it is important that the rider understands how powerful this vehicle is and uses is safely.”

The eVTOL (electrical vertical take-off and landing) market may be in its infancy but Hoversurf seems ready for take-off.