An Australian-Israeli startup is using water to help power electric vehicles. Electriq~Global’s new fuel is 60% water. It claims it offers twice the range of existing fuels, at half the price. The new fuel was launched at the Smart Mobility Summit in Tel Aviv.

This is how it works. Its technology extracts hydrogen from the water-based fuel, which is then harnessed to create electricity to power the vehicle. The company says the fuel offers twice the range, at half the price with zero emission compared to existing fuels.

Electriq~Global CEO Guy N. Michrowski says: “Our technology brings dramatic news of improvement in driving range, refuelling time, and cost of fuel and changes the rules of the game in many fields, including transportation and energy storage.”

According to the company, a car using its fuel has a range of 1,000km whereas the battery of a Tesla Model-S 2018 has a range of 500km.

Chart provided by Electriq~Global

Talking to Auto Futures. Michrowski explained what infrastructure is needed for its fuel: “Electriq is leveraging the existing fuel supply infrastructure by using existing fuel trucks for the fuel distribution, and refuelling stations for the fuel vending. Fuel stations  can be adapted to sell the Electriq fuel simply by adding a dedicated field dispenser. In addition a fuel recycling centre, adjacent to the hydrogen source, needs to be erected.”

Michrowski told us that its initial market focus is on vehicles that are better suited to use hydrogen such as trucks, buses, logistic vehicles and trains. The company says that the buses powered by batteries provided a range of 250km and required up to 300 minutes to recharge, whereas buses to be powered by Electriq~Fuel will provide a range of 1,000km and could be refuelled in 5 minutes.

The company is now looking for investment to fuel its expansion plans. Michrowski says: “The company is backed by high net worth Investors, many of them are from the oil and gas and automotive industry. Investors are from EU, US, Australia and Israel.” He adds that new investors are welcome to join in.