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Want to  hold simultaneous video conference calls from your car? You can with Bentley’s new super-fast connected car service called Advanced Connectivity. The British brand has unveiled what it calls ‘the world’s first super-fast, reliable and secure in-car WiFi system’. A bespoke router will be built into the boot of its cars and is connected to the on-board DC power supply.

The service allows online video services to stream high definition content across multiple devices uninterrupted in the car. Its customers can access the system via a dedicated app on their smart phone.

In a press release, Bentley says it ‘conducted an exhaustive international search to find the perfect partner for its in-car connectivity requirements, and has enlisted global communications company, Viasat, to provide the world’s best and most secure in-car technology for its customers’.

The service will be available in all of its models from next year.

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