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The start of the new car show season is almost upon us with the Paris Motor Show due to kick off at the start of October, 120 years since first opening its doors to the public. There’ll be plenty of new reveals from top manufacturers during the show.

Among the highlights to look forward to include the first look at the Mercedes-Benz EQ C electric car. The concept car will have pave the way for an entirely new series of electric cars from the German manufacturer, as leading brands try to to get ahead of the electric car revolution.

Expect “something very outstanding and radical” from Peugeot. That’s according to Jean-Philippe Imparato. Well he should know as he’s the CEO. According to some reports, it’s likely to be an electric concept car.

Once you’re finished gawping at the very latest releases, you’ll find plenty of inspiration from innovators around the world who are showcasing their ideas to reshape the automotive industry for decades to come.

This year conference organisers are throwing the spotlight on “mobility”, launching a Mondial.Tech conference to run alongside the show. It will focus on the new wave of autonomous vehicles, digital innovations and last-mile solutions.

Here are some of the entrepreneurs and start-ups to keep an eye out for:


There’s little doubt that carsharing and ridesharing will become the dominant ownership model in the future once autonomous cars become commonplace.

Ridecell is a new platform that seeks to support companies and brands to launch their own carsharing, ridesharing and autonomous ridehailing services.

Vice-President Mark Thomas will be one of several guest speakers taking part in the Mondial.Tech conference. He’ll talk about some of the biggest hurdles businesses face when implementing car and ride sharing services–such as fleet management, recharging and confirming users’ identities.

Visionaries 777

Ask a person what a car might look like in 20 years and many people will imagine a vehicle with interactive windscreens showing helpful information alongside advertising overlayed on shop fronts and businesses as they drive past. Augmented reality screens are still a long way from reaching their full potential but one company, Visionaries 777, is making inroads.

The interactive software company will be demonstrating of some of its very latest virtual reality concepts which could be the starting point for what we might one day see in the car of the future.

Israeli start-ups

It may be a surprise to some – but Israel has become a key player in automotive innovation circles, currently ranking 3rd in auto-tech deals worldwide after the US and Canada. 18 prominent Israeli speakers will be addressing the Mondial.Tech conference on the topics of cybersecurity, smart transportation and connected & autonomous cars.

Several Israeli entrepreneurs will also be pitching their innovations. More information can be found on the website.

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