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Auto Futures is made by journalists for journalists. It’s an editorially independent resource dedicated to documenting the changes taking place in the industry and their impact on urban mobility.

From high tech startups shaking up the business model to traditional car makers investing in new technology through to the views of gurus and thought leaders, we have all the bases covered.

  • It’s a hub of content featuring daily news and analysis plus weekly features and regular video content.
  • We offer expertise from around the world via our international network on auto and business journalists.
  • News and interviews from the world’s major motor and tech shows.
  • Reports, research and exclusive interviews from industry innovators.

As well as editorial content, journalists and influencers can browse and download brand-owned media assets for use in telling their stories. Rights-free images, video clips, soundbites and press releases can be downloaded from our ‘Brand Content’ section.

This is just one of our commercial offerings for brands and industry organizations. If you have any commercial queries please email us at

  • PR and media asset distribution.
  • Segment sponsorship opportunities.
  • Hosting and distributing research and reports.
  • Thought Leadership advertorials.
  • Advertising.

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